Selection & Eligibility

How to participate in the Investor Lounge?

Start-up track

New start-up initiatives, actively seeking a first venture capital investment that want to present their investment opportunity to our network of investors, entrepreneurs and corporates by means of a pitch are kindly invited to apply. 

  • Apply for a pitch via this nomination form.
  • In addition to the nomination form, we request a short 10-minute conversation via MS Teams to briefly explain the application.
  • The nominations will have to be handed in via the respective TTO-office.
  • Deadline for handing in these nominations for is 24 September 2021.
  • The selection committee will review all nominations and set up a programme.
  • You will be notified on a possible placement for a pitch and further deadlines second half of October.


Find out more about the Start-up track.

Do you have a very early stage concept idea?

HIHR offers Quickfire sessions to researchers with very early stage concepts of ideas. These Quickfire sessions provide an unique opportunity to entrepreneurial teams to briefly present, test and discuss their early-stage venture project or business case with a small group of investors/ entrepreneurs/ KTO-professionals in an informal and intimate atmosphere. 

Find out more about the Quickfire sessions.

Scale-up track

Promising healthcare start-ups looking for their next stage equity funding are invited to apply to the EIT Health Investor Network and pitch in front of a jury and audience of market experts and investors.

  1. Apply
    To qualify as EIT Health Investor Network company seeking next stage equity funding. Applications will be accepted till 24 September 2021.
    • Eligibility:
      • Registered in any Horizon Europe country
      • Seeking between €500K and €10M for seed, bridge, or Series A round funding
      • Raised sufficient level of grants & Love Money
      • Biotech, Medtech,and Digital Health (TRL 4 minimum):
        • Demonstrated a real added value VS competition
        • Development strategy in a sizeable market
        • Exit strategy (<7 years)
        • Building a strong IP portfolio
  2. Get selected - Cost of application is €1,000* 
    Vetting proces: detailed review of your application and a call with two hand-picked healthcare investors.
    * Re-application is free within the year
    * HIHR alumni will receive a discount code
  3. Onboarding
    Accepted companies will be in the EIT Health Investor Network and  featured to investors.
    All applications receive a written one-page review of feedback.

Find our more about Investor Network and how to apply.