Developers or investors of medical devices or digital health technologies often miss the value judgement and assessment of health care financing scenarios of innovative technologies before moving ahead with the development process or investing in technology. As a consequence, several new technologies may reach the marketplace without an appropriate market access plan (including pricing and reimbursement strategy) and may not be able to maximise return on investment. The early phase health technology assessment (eHTA) learning program aids current and prospect technology developers, owners and investors to make evidence-informed decisions about further investment in the development of medical devices and digital health technologies, especially with expected public reimbursement or procurement.

The e-learning and live session programme offers support in:
I. determining the value-based price of their experimental technologies in the innovation phase by translating the potential clinical benefits into differential economic value, which can be added to the price levels of current standard technologies,
II. calculating the return on investment in different development scenarios based on net present value models in the innovation phase,
III. pricing and reimbursement submissions in different jurisdictions during the business creation phase of new technologies.

The training has 2 parts:
- Self-paced e-learning, as Level A
- Level B extends the knowledge of the learners with additional pre-recorded learning materials combined with an all-day live session.

Target group, eligibility, selection method, seats:

The e-learning program is designed for representatives of
1) technology developers,
2) investors,
3) market access specialists/consultants of medical technologies and digital health solutions,
4) academic researchers and
5) PhD / post-graduate students who are involved or interested in evidence-informed investment decisions.

Eligibility criteria for Level A: RIS citizenship
Eligibility criteria for Level B: completion of Level A

Applying for level A:
Anyone with a RIS eligible profile can apply for a level A course until 10th December 2023. Unlimited seats are available.

Applying for level B:
After completing Level A, please let us know if you are will continue with Level B