About the conference

The COVID19 health crisis has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the health sector. Over the last few months, many experts have expressed what we have already known for several decades: the need for transformation and change. And new ways of doing things, pilot experiences, new leadership, and new instruments have emerged that we must share. We, at EIT Health, firmly believe that the time has come, and we want to advance in this transformation and in this change with all the stakeholders involved.

The lessons learned in recent months, those built over the years, the existence of new public and private instruments, and the arrival of new European funds force us all to start rethinking the health sector. Therefore, in our annual conference, we want to build links and bridges, to learn from the best-in-class so that, this time, the moment we are all waiting for arrives. The time is now. 

On June 16 and 22 we invite you to our annual conference where we will discuss such necessary instruments as public-private collaboration, new governance systems at a European level,  and new educational experiences and their local implications, with key national and international voices to share their experiences and knowledge.

About the sessions: 

Session 16 June

In this session, we addressed the Spanish agenda: the role that innovation will play in the coming years and the impact expected, as well as different mechanisms for collaboration and funding. We invited institutional speakers and the main professional associations of the sector, in order to promote alignment and the long-awaited transformation.

In case you missed it, you can catch up with the first session here: 

Session 22 June

This session was designed with the idea of generating synergies between the Spanish and the North American health ecosystems. Investors and education leaders from both countries have led the debate, with the aim of boosting learning and exchange in the areas of investment and education.

You are invited to discover their key messages. Get to know them and be prepared for the debate! See their video messages here: 

If you missed the second session, you can catch it up here: