On 21 September 2022, InnovEIT Paris will bring together 600 innovators and policy-makers to create resilient innovation ecosystems for better health in Europe.

Recent global developments have brutally shown the need for strong, yet flexible health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic much like the war in Ukraine has been an eye-opener and a sad reminder of the urgency to be better prepared for a wide range of challenges that may beset healthcare systems. They are also a testimony to Europe’s and Europeans’ extraordinary capacity to be resilient.

The learnings from these events need to be translated into positive action so that we build more resilient and sustainable health care systems apt to anticipate - and hopefully avoid - future public health threats.

Based on key European Innovation agenda items and through the prism of the Knowledge Triangle, this event will discuss how EIT KICs ecosystems can collaborate together to tackle public health challenges.

InnovEIT Paris will put forward the unprecedented wave of coordinated initiatives adopted following the pandemic that demonstrate new ambition and stamina, testifying to the elevation of health as an EU priority in its own right:

  • How to secure the EU’s strategic autonomy: trecovery through innovation & lessons from Europe's response to the pandemic

  • How to address the scale-up financing gap: leveraging public and private co-investment capabilities to support promising EU-based start-ups/SMEs

  • How to tackle the talent gap in the health sector: the role of entrepreneurship and digital skills in boosting innovation in Europe

  • How to empower digital ecosystems: developing the Digital Health Single Market towards a European Health Data Space

This event is co-organised by EIT Health and EIT Manufacturing, with the support of EIT Food, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, and EIT Raw Materials. It is an integral part of InnovEIT Weeks 2022 across Europe.