• Inspiring participants who are already enrolled in EIT Health Education programmes ​
  • Recognising and celebrating the achievements of the EIT Health learners 
  • Showcasing EIT Health activities & programmes that can support the participants innovators' journey ​ ​
  • Engaging and expanding the EIT Health Innovators Community  ​
  • Improve the knowledge and skill set of participants to become innovators
  • Network to build new relationships with like-minded people and companies 


After the success of the first edition of the EIT Health Career Path event: From Students to Innovators' in 2022, the EIT Health Education Pillar is bringing for the second year in a row the graduates from the EIT Health Labelled Programmes; the i-Days finalists from 25 different European cities; the Bootcamp winning teams and the EIT Health Innovators Community, to celebrate their successful learning pathway.

The event aims to recognise the participants and motivate them to continue their careers as innovators with the support of EIT Health.

Throughout the 2-day event, EIT Health participants will be able to join training sessions, inspiring talks and workshops. They will also have the opportunity to be inspired by other innovators to motivate their innovative thinking.

This event will take participants one step closer to realising innovations that can transform healthcare delivery and bring real benefits to patients and society.


Why Join


Attend workshops, fireside chats and inspiring talks to foster an innovative mindset.


Meet other like-minded people to share your learning experience and build relationships during lively networking activities.  

Innovators Community

You will also have the chance to join the EIT Health Innovators Community, a network of over 3000 members working to innovate the world of healthcare.