About the i4Kids-Europe Pediatric Innovation Training  Capsules

i4Kids-Europe is a european project that aims at establishing an efficient, perdurable and inclusive European pediatric innovation ecosystem that integrates all pertinent stakeholders from emerging, moderate and strong innovator countries, offering the necessary services and resources to improve the pediatric innovation capacity of the EU countries. 
To tackle the identified gaps and barriers within the european pediatric ecosystem, we will provide 12 modules to decrease access barriers and reach a wide and diverse stakeholders.
Each module will focus on a specific identified challenge to provide the tools needed to take advantage of innovation opportunities in the pediatric field, including first-hand experiences from key actors of the European ecosystem.

Next training: January 2024, TBD

Capsule 2: First-hand experience of start-ups in pediatrics innovation

In this capsule, we will get the real-life case of two european pediatric start-ups, deep-diving in the barriers and opportunties encountered on the entrepreneurial journey. 

Following the engaging presentation of these two start-ups, we will open up a 15-minute Q&A session, providing the audience with the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to an interactive and insightful discussion.

Implementation and adoption of innovation in children's hospital

First-hand experiences of innovative pediatric start-ups

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